We Buy Used Guns

At Gun Shack we buy and sell used guns.  We would be happy to provide you an offer to buy your used firearms.  There are three methods Gun Shack offers in order for you to get top dollar for your used guns.

1) Outright sale of your firearms to Gun Shack:  We will be happy to purchase your firearm instantly if you desire to have a quick transaction and are not looking to buy another firearm.  If we purchase your firearm, we will issue you a check.

2) Trade in:  If you are interested in a different firearm, we can offer you a trade in credit for your used gun.  The advantage of this is that you don't have to pay sales tax on the entire purchase.  Sales tax is paid only on the difference between your purchase price and the trade in value of your used gun.

3) Consignment Sale:  This approach will normally get you the most money for your firearm but you will not receive payment until your gun sells.  We can assist you in determining a price.  Gun Shack charges a 20% consignment fee on these transactions.