We offer limited gunsmith services...see our rate chart below for further information.  If you require a particular task or work that you do not see below, please call us to discuss.
Except in cases of in-depth work and/or where we have to order parts, our goal is to turn work orders in 5 business days or less, depending on gunsmith availability and workload.  If you require an item sooner, we do offer an expedited work fee, as outlined below.



General gunsmith rate $60/hour

Basic clean $35
Deep clean (incl corrosion removal) $60/hour

Optic/sight mount and boresight $35

Boresight $10

Barrel threading (5-7 business days) $150
$200 if firearm needs to be stripped

Shorten (cut) barrel Minimum of $75

Replace pistol sights (Springfield) $45     * Incl boresight

Replace pistol sights (Non-Springfield) $35     * Incl boresight

Borescope $25
$35 if barrel requires cleaning 

Test Fire $25 + cost of ammo

* Expedite work fee $25    * For next day completion (by COB)